Somewhat ironic for a marketer, one of the hardest things Matt Rawle ever has to do is talk about himself.

He grew up on top of a hill in Halifax, Nova Scotia, during the rise of the digital age. While there have been a lot of neat and useful things to come out of this new frontier – infinitesimally increasing amounts of things to watch and do and see online, the ability to directly buy a stuffed Alpacasso from a retailer in Japan over 10,000 kilometres away, online multiplayer – digital doesn't have all of the answers, and it's become somewhat of a  trap to think that it does.

As a copywriter, he is incredibly interested in how language can be used to connect people. The best marketing efforts relate to individual people with their own lives and problems, and the greatest works of the last fifty years simply weren't concerned with things like targeting.

Since the world doesn't deal in absolutes, sometimes he needs to wear his proverbial other hat. He is Advanced Google Analytics certified and has extensive experience with Wordpress, HubSpot, and multiple social media networks.

Here's what some other folks had to say:

“In marketing and communications, writing is the hardest part, and the most important. It’s always a joy to find someone who can take an idea and turn it into a story — or a strategy and turn it into a plan. Matthew Rawle is a writer of this rare quality. I would happily work with Matthew again in the future, and I think his skills would be an asset to any organization that values clear and effective communication.”

Joel Kelly
The Family Knife Marketing Consultancy

“A lot of people can write well, but Matt is one of the rare few who can write well AND who takes great care of his clients. I've relied upon him for content on multiple occasions, and his work has always been excellent. But beyond that, he's reliable, quickly grasps what needs to be done, and always delivers. I never, ever worry when sending content projects to him, and the peace of mind he provides is worth its weight in gold.”

Krista Elliott
Chickadee Communications

“Matthew has the uncanny ability to run with little direction and deliver what is, in my opinion, brilliant copy. His writing style is very flexible, from heart-warming interviews to meticulous internal brand documents. He is reliable, open to feedback and dedicated to 'getting to the heart of the message'.”

Alison Knott
Alison K Consulting

“There's power in writing but it's even more powerful when it's combined with solid research. Matthew brings both of those skills to the table and has helped create some great content assets in collaboration with Foundation. I'd strongly recommend anyone who is on the hunt for content support to chat with Matthew about his services.”

Ross Simmonds
Foundation Marketing